Hello! I'm Carrie and I'm here to spread the wealth....otherwise known as knowledge. After all, I know everything. (I've been told everyone from my generation believes that and is extremely self-confident, meaning a strong statement is required). While I'm in charge of the content, and the puns, I do have a bit of help with the illustrations. My incredibly cooperative boyfriend, who is also more artistic than I am, is tossing in some doodles. He brings to live our name-sake character. The stick figures are mine :).

The Travelin-gineer is an illustrated, humor blog intended to entertain through travel-inspired posts. I decided to start this blog after my mother had suggested writing a book of all I learned while abroad. Instead, I chose to approach it in a more tech-savy and less serious way. If you hadn't yet guessed, I'm an engineering student, hence the title. I do rather enjoy world play and math jokes. I hope you see the humor in this, but if you're not at all nerdy, it might not be for you.

There are a multitude of blogs across the interwebs, most of which seem to be exactly the same. I don't want to be one of those. So, I have a few promises for anyone who stumbles upon this and decides to give it a read.

I will never:
  • Share cutesy stories about my non-existent children
  • Give you the world's greatest pie recipe
  • Teach you how to make a paper-mache penguin
  • Persuade you to join my new super secret religious order
  • Tell you what I had to eat today 
Hopefully that wasn't what you were looking for.

Now it's time for some housekeeping. I'm planning on posting on, at least, a weekly basis. Obviously, this may change once I have a better idea of the time requirements to create a decent post or if my motivation wanes. One thing that is important to me is, don't be rude. I will not tolerate comments which are meant to be purely insulting. I have a sarcastic sense of humor but will never write anything just to be mean. I am happy to hear constructive criticism because I want readers to enjoy this. But, I also want to enjoy doing this. And really, even little kids know not to name-call. Now if only all politicians could remember that.

I also now have a Facebook page. Make sure to look for http://www.facebook.com/thetravelingineerblog

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